Sending Some September Sanity

September for me is a month of running. No matter how organized I think that I am, I am never fully prepared for all the activities. Perhaps it is because the schedules of everyone in the family are packed with PTA events, School open houses, sports and science program sign ups and Cub Scouts, not to mention careers and housework. Or maybe it is just too difficult to leap from the lazy days of summer to the hustle and bustle of fall. I know for myself, I tend to get a case of the hunker-downs or a deep seeded nesting instinct. This of course brings to the surface the need to wash all the windows to prepare for the upcoming beautiful scenery and breezes, and the desire to launder all the linens and pillows for those, “Oh so awesome,” snuggly nights.

So in order for me to be able to keep my cool, I try to write out a list of must do items and want to do activities. On my must do list, are the basic taking care of business filing of all incoming paperwork…school notices go up on the bulletin board, permission slips and emergency contact forms get filled out right away and sent off to school, and Cub Scout events get entered on the calendar. To keep up with all the fundraiser and holiday events, my motto is to prepare as early as possible because time has a way of sneaking up on you.
On my want to do activities list, are the family favorites of apple picking, pumpkin picking, Cub Scout camp-outs and fall decorating. So, as a family we try to go apple picking early which gets this checked off the list and makes for the best selection of apples.

The key to maintaining sanity and order in a mostly crazy world, is to schedule activities on a calendar and check it often. I also like to keep our family calendar in a highly visible area, so that everyone can see it and reap the benefits. So, if you haven’t done so already read a few of my past blogs and pick one or two of their organizing projects, implement it into your life and sit back and enjoy the zen!


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