Family Travel Made Easy

Well the summer is at a close and the kids are back in school. We had a blast the last few weeks of the summer vacation, including a small trip to the shore. In order to make my vacations start out smoothly, I always write down a packing list for myself and the kids. The husband, ha ha,  I let fend for himself. So I have created a few basic packing lists to share on my blog. Since I only have boys, I had to create a list for girls, I hope I included all the items a little girl would need. To start out, I put the bulk of the packing responsibility on myself or the “Mama”, since, let’s face it, we do most of the work. Then I created two more lists, one for boys and one for girls. If you don’t need these lists for the kids, then good for you, but these are a must for me. My guys get very excited about packing for a trip, so this list ensures that the packing doesn’t have to be done twice. Once by them and then unpacked and packed again by me. With these handy lists, I just include the amount needed of each item, the kids follow the list, and then off we go, literally. You can adjust the number of items needed, depending on the length of the trip. Sometimes I will also include some specific  items, for example, Logan’s favorite sweater, “the Gray Sweater”. You can add these little notes to help your kids gather their things more efficiently if you feel it is needed. I know that my boys like to have specific items of clothing for certain events, so I have to compensate for that or I have upset boys. I hope that this information was useful and it really makes my packing job a lot easier and a lot more fun. Good luck and happy travels!

Packing List for Mama

Packing List for Girls

Packing List for Boys


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