Organizing One Cabinet At A Time

Today was my husband’s birthday, funny that our birthdays are two days apart. It makes for a very fun and eventful week. Between all the running around and celebrating, I managed to include a bit of organizing into my day. I finished sorting and sifting through the remainder of my son’s school paperwork and filed everything as neatly as I could in the School Keepsake Box. I say, “as neatly as I can”, because there are always a few over-sized pieces of artwork. I found that if you do have a number of special pieces that won’t fit comfortably inside the Keepsake Box, you can always find an additional artwork holder or portfolio for the larger images that you do not want to fold. I have seen a really cute one on a website called “Lillian Vernon”. Eventually, I will probably break down and purchase this holder, especially since it is so adorable. But, in the meantime, I make do with what I have.

So, today I was able to clear out a cabinet that held a lot of random paperwork, which has now been filed or tossed. It is really a great feeling being organized or rather getting organized. The greatest thing about this blog and my organizational quest, is that it teaches my son and incorporates this habit and skill into his world. He even helps me come up with subjects for this blog when I get stumped and he enjoys listening to me read them out loud. The other day, my son told me that he was proud of me because I have been doing well with my blog. Now, tell me, does it get any better than that?


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