Happy Birthday To Me…!

Yep, it’s my birthday today and here I am blogging. You see for me, this is something that I truly like doing. My main objective about all these blogs is that people will actually enjoy them. So I will continue to try not to bore or overwhelm anyone with my words and projects. I appreciate all of you that comment on my posts and all of you that follow and read my rants. It has really been a joy to take on this blog experience and I hope that I will be able to keep the site new for all of my peeps out there. As you can see, I am not staying on topic here about organizing, but I just wanted to say thank you to all who have been following my blog, I really appreciate it and enjoy hearing from you. Writing my blog is an awesome way to end my birthday.

I will talk a bit about the organization of photos, just to keep you on track. The first thing you should do is to gather a bunch of photos together either actual photos or digital ones. Once you have a bunch, you can start the organizing process. I find that chronological is always the best way to start. These photos or files can be sorted by months or just by year, it all depends upon what you are going to do with your photos after they’re sorted. If you are just organizing and storing them safely, then yearly is fine. If you plan on making scrapbooks with the photos, then you have a few options. One way to sort would be by event, for instance is you are going to make a Christmas album, then you pull out all those types of pictures and put them into the album chronologically. You can also do an album by individual, but I find this to be a bit more difficult. A yearly scrapbook or even with one a few years in one book is my preferred method. I just pullout some photos and start making the pages and, with the type of album that I use, I can organize or rearrange the pages at any time. Like I said before, the most important thing to do is to start, just jump right in and before you know it your pictures will be organized. If you are organizing digital folders, once you have the files in one area, then your next step is to create yearly folders and drop all your photos into them. At this point you can then go into each yearly folder to create either monthly or event folders to organize your photos even more. This is a process, but once completed you will have all your precious memories happily store in one area.

One spring, I was asked what I wanted as a gift for Mother’s Day, I responded that I would love to have all my digital pictures of Logan (he was probably 3 at the time) on a disc. That Mother’s Day, my parents handed me a CD full of images of my son from birth to 3 years old. There was even a beautiful picture of Logan on the CD case. This was the best gift I could have gotten at this point, since I was way to busy running after Logan to print any photos. The next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday or a special occasion, give them this suggestion. Not only is it a fantastic gift to receive, but it is also economical for this day and age.


One thought on “Happy Birthday To Me…!

  1. Happy Birthday. I prefer the yearly or a few years in one book method of photo organization. It makes the most sense. My brother asked me to make him a SB of a trip he took, and he’ll just slot it in between August and October in the rest of the photos.

    If I were to make a Christmas SB over the years I would still leave the originals in chronological order then make copies for the separate SB so people aren’t lost trying to find the pics.

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