Budget This…!

Ugh! I am glad I finished that work. In a previous blog “A Place For Everything…the Finale!”, I wrote about a basic household budget. Tonight, I am going to elaborate on that same budget sheet. I will include a free Excel Budget Sheet for you to use, if you need one. OK, so I happen to be one of those people who live paycheck to paycheck, it’s true…gasp…can anyone relate? This was not my plan, but it is my reality. In other words, I don’t have a ton of savings, so bill paying for me is usually a stressful event. I don’t like to be stressed! In order to make this a blissful life I am working towards managing my money better and hopefully getting out of this paycheck to paycheck life. I have set up for the next 5 months a paycheck to paycheck budget sheet, that I am hoping will make all the difference.
Actually I credit my older brother for providing the Basic Budget Sheet, but I changed it up a bit to better fit my little family. Here goes, I currently have a monthly budget of proposed bills that need to be taken care of each month and a space for Additional Expenses; such as Orthodontist and Eye Doctors, but it could be Karate for the kids or music lessons. I also have a space for all the income that is coming into the house, this includes, my husbands paycheck, my paycheck and any additional jobs either of us pick up. All the formulas are already set up on the sheet, so give it a try to see if it works for you. Other than the Monthly Budget, I added a Bi-Weekly Section, because that is how we get paid. This way I can see each pay period what is coming in and what needs to be paid. I basically take all my monthly bills and divvy them up between the pay periods, hopefully leaving some extra money for any emergency expenses or FUN! If you look at the sheets, you’ll see that you can enter dates on each weekly budget for when your bills need to be paid, the ones that are not due that week I leave blank. For example you can schedule your payment for your insurance and car payments in the beginning of the month and the electricity and cable at the end of the month. So for example I would put down 15th and 30th or whatever dates your paychecks come in on. Whichever way you like to pay your bills, you can just tweak this sheet to your liking. I am hopeful that this will alleviate some stress and make bill paying and budgeting a breeze. Please feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions or cool ideas! Thanks and Good Night.

Bi-Weekly Budget


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