Catch Clutter At the Door

One way that I control and eliminate some of the clutter in my house is by catching it at the front door. Yep, that’s right. I’m sure like me, you have tons of junk mail coming into your house. It doesn’t even matter that you opt out of paper bills and put yourself on a no mail solicitor list, it just keeps coming. So, to combat this issue and prevent it from becoming a problem, and by problem I mean piles and piles of paperwork, I go through it right away. Whenever I pick up the mail, I open it up and immediately get rid of the envelope it came in and the return envelope because I pay my bills online. I also recycle those newsletters and updated information sheets that I don’t need. Just by doing this, your incoming paperwork will be cut in half. Then the rest you can put in their appropriate file, folder or bin. To help with this system and because I have a few different people in my household receiving mail, I have put up a 2-Basket Wall File. In one section I put others mail and in the second section I put any mail that I don’t have time to file right then, or something that I need to deal with right away. Of course, this is still after I have opened up and gotten rid of any unwanted paperwork. The key to this system is to actually go through anything that you have put in the Wall File, don’t just transfer it to another waiting area or worse still, dump in bags and boxes. Sometimes, I come across some paperwork that I don’t know what to do with, when this happens I put it in a folder labeled “To Read” on my desktop. When I have a few minutes, I go through this folder and figure out what I need to keep and file and what I can toss. So good luck to you and those incoming clutter makers.


4 thoughts on “Catch Clutter At the Door

  1. In the last two apartment buildings I lived in, the landlord just kept a recycling bin beside the mailboxes. Very efficient.

    In the first home we owned I had a “to burn” bucket by the front door to catch all that crap.

    Now, it takes more time because I have to bring it all the way into my little desk to pile into “shred” or “file” or “pay then file”.

    • I agree, perhaps you could have a shredder already set up on or under your desk for convenience. I personally like to just chill and go through the mail as I sit and maybe even watch TV. This way I can have fun and get things done at the same time. I am definitely a multi-tasker. After I have my pile of “crap” I just chuck it.

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