Organize All Your Small Craft and Office Supplies.

A simple and inexpensive way to organize arts and crafts or office supplies is with photo boxes. These little boxes are usually made of cardboard and come in a variety of colors and designs. This makes it very easy to match any room decor. The great thing about these little clutter busters, is that you can often find them on sale for about $2 a box. Many styles also have a handy area to place a label of the contents. In my craft room, I put all our Valentine making supplies in one box, labeled Valentine’s, another holds card making supplies with an appropriate label and still another houses paintbrushes, stencils, and craft paints.  I have a slew of these hard-working containers filled with craft and office supplies and all are labeled accordingly. Don’t forget to label each photo box with what is inside. You don’t want to have to open up every box to find a certain item. I love how these bins, stack and fit so perfectly on a shelf or in a bookcase. Plus, they look a lot neater and nicer on a shelf than all the clutter and chaos that comes with arts and crafts.


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