A Little Organization Can Go A Long Way…Literally

My organization obsession doesn’t stop once I’m outside my home. I continue it in my car and in my life. To stay organized on the go, here are a few tips. As you know, you should always have a copy of your registration and insurance card with you when driving. In my glove compartment I keep a small accordion file that holds a copy of both of these documents, along with the appropriate phone numbers of the Insurance agency. I also keep my AAA card information in here and a notepad and pen or pencil, in case I need to take down someone’s information in case of an accident. I put a small list of emergency contact numbers and any important medical conditions my family might have, like the fact that my husband is an insulin dependent diabetic. God forbid, we’re in an accident, are unconscious and my husband is not wearing his medic alert dog tags. It is always best to be prepared. Another gadget that should be in your car is a seat belt cutter. Don’t forget to keep a first aid kit in the car, I have a pretty decent one in my trunk, that doubles as a go to kit for cub scout hikes, campouts, baseball games or basically any day with a rough and tumble boy. In the trunk, I also like to keep a couple of items on hand, like bug spray, sunscreen, a pair of socks for my son and one for an adult, and a long-sleeved t-shirt or a sweatshirt. This list of items switches up depending on the season. In summer I might keep an extra pair of shorts, in case of impromptu sprinkler runs, or an extra pair of gloves in the winter for random snowball fights. I find that when I am prepared for anything, anything can happen and usually it means fun!


2 thoughts on “A Little Organization Can Go A Long Way…Literally

  1. I have all those things in the car too! Just be careful with the seatbelt cutters, keep them contained while easily accessible because you don’t want something sharp flying around while your car is flying around (I flipped 1.5 times in our ex-truck).

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