It’s All Fun and Games

My family loves to play games, whether it is trivial pursuit, board games or cards. There is nothing better than to cozy up with family and friends on a cool night with a warm cocoa or hot coffee to play some fun games. Many times, however, I am left searching endlessly for a deck of cards or a missing die. Not anymore, I have come up with a great solution for all you game lovers out there or anyone with kids. Recently at Ikea, I saw these cute blue organizers with multiple partitions, I knew I needed to have them, I just didn’t know for what. Well, it came to me the other day as I was running to grab a pencil and paper to jot down some scores for Rummy 500…those blue bins! So I grabbed one and started to populate it with whatever game paraphernalia I thought we would need during Game Night. In one partition I put a bunch of dice, another holds pens, pencils and a small notepad to keep scores and I put a few packs of cards in there as well. My husband likes to play poker games, so I took out one of the partitions to make a larger area for all of our poker chips. My son loves charades, so I included a stack of cards for charades. Now when friends, family or my little one wants to play a game of cards, charades, or dice, I just grab some snacks and pull out my handy Game Night Organizer and we are ready to have fun.

Everything You Need For Game Night in One Place

Everything You Need For Game Night
in One Place


4 thoughts on “It’s All Fun and Games

  1. The most important tool for game night is a dice app because real dice always go missing. In fact, my children didn’t know what a real dice was for 6 months of snakes n ladders with Mommy and Daddy until the teacher played the game in school.

  2. You could also add an egg timer to your Game Night Organizer. Some board games use a timer and they very often seem to be missing (I wonder how that happens?).

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