Back to School…What?…Already?

Denial is setting in, it can’t be close to the start of school. I am not ready to give up my lazy summer days for schedules and homework. Laying by the pool, chatting with other Moms while we watch our children giggle and laugh is the best thing on earth and I don’t want it to end. However, there are a number of things that need to get done during the summer in time for the school year. I, for one, don’t want to start the school year hectic and feeling as though I am already playing catch up. If you have been reading my blog, then you already know a few tricks to make this transition a little bit smoother. Check out “Checklists to Help Get Your Kids Organized” for ways to help your kids get their morning and bedtime routines. And there are also blogs about how to organize all those papers that come home from school. Just scroll through the previous posts for some helpful ideas.

Now is the time to schedule any checkups for the kids, bring your school’s health form to the doctor’s office and make sure that all immunizations are up to date. Nobody wants to be shocked come September 9th because they didn’t get the proper forms filled out. Plus, many doctors are usually booked most of September for this very reason. Another thing to do is to have a fashion show with your child. You can make this a fun event, plus you will find out what clothing fits and what can be donated or handed down. By doing this, you can cut down on the amount of back to school clothes you need to buy and cut down on the cost. While you are shopping for new clothes you do need, pick up all your child’s classroom supplies, there are some great sale prices out there right now.

The kids seem to be ready, now it’s your turn. Set up a calendar for the family or a household binder to get all your important info in one spot and place it in a highly visible area. Make sure to contact any babysitters or after-school programs to ensure availability. Plan out a week or two of menu ideas, do the grocery shopping and have breakfasts, lunches and snacks predetermined. To keep the sanity, talk with your children now and agree upon some homework and computer/video game schedules. To help kids stay focused and get their work done, set up a Homework Station, complete with pens, pencils, erasers, paper, a good light, comfy chair and a clutter-free desk. Good luck, but don’t worry, summer is still here. Enjoy!!


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