Hold Me…Please!

Tonight I am going to keep the blog simple, just a quick little clutter control tip. As I’ve said in previous blogs I love magazines, and I like to keep them on hand for reference for a few months. (After which I tear out the articles I want to keep and discard the remainder.) But, during those few months, I don’t like to stack them on the coffee table or pile them near my chair. So, to keep the place looking fairly neat I file them in magazine holders. Any school workbooks that don’t need to be brought to school everyday, can find a resting spot in these holders. They are also a good hideaway place for any paperwork projects that I am working on currently. Another great use for these magazine holders is to house my son’s library books during the school year, this way they don’t get shuffled into his own library. Luckily, magazine holders come in all types of designs, colors and styles. You can purchase expensive leather ones, fabric covered varieties or simple white. I have even taken simple white cardboard holders (you know those 4 for $5 packs) and covered them in pretty paper to match my living room decor. Paperwork, magazines and the like are clutter creators and these simple and stylish holders will help you keep things neat and organized. You can even label them with either a label maker, nice handwriting and a pen, or a fancy gift tag and some double stick tape. Have fun!

Happy Clutter Free Saturday!!


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