Just Keep Swimming

So, as I suggested yesterday, pick up a pretty file box and some hanging folders, get out your inside folders and your label maker and let’s get to organizing. We are going to corral all those school papers and preserve some memories in the process. Now, I am going to be hopeful here and plan that all of my son’s papers from all his years in school are going to fit in this one box. Wouldn’t that be awesome? The key to this goal is to remember to weed out what you can, not everything that is brought home is a keeper. Sometimes it is just scribble. So here goes, as I borrowed from the blog “a bowl full of lemons”, I am labeling my sections as follows: Birthday Cards, Report Cards, Toddler, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade,…all the way through 12th Grade. I have a feeling the paperwork gets a little lighter as our children get older. At least I can hope. Next I am going to add my own sections such as, in each grade I will put an artwork folder and a school photo folder, to make my life easier. I will also add Sports, Cub Scouts, and Sunday School/Church as categories. Since my son loves building things and creating electronics, I will also include a section called Inventions. Who knows, one of these ideas of his just might make me a rich Mama someday. My fingers are crossed.

There you have it, a place for all the school paperwork from here on out. I am so excited to have this project completed because now, when school is back in session, I am ready to conquer those piles before they conquer me. And as time allows, I will go back to the previous years of paperwork and file those as well. How nice would that be to have all your child’s school memories in one easy to access location. And in a place where those memories are safe for years to come. I remember feeling a tinge of sadness, when I stumbled upon some of my childhood artwork which had mildewed in my parent’s basement. There is such a sense of loss when this happens. I don’t want my son or anyone else for that matter to have that experience. I am a big believer in preserving memories now, while we still have them.

Keep Your Children's School Years Safe and Sound

Keep Your Children’s School Years Safe and Sound


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