Swimming In A Sea of Paperwork

I am starting a new organizing project tonight, this one will probably be a two-day blog. While skimming around Pinterest, I found this cool organizing system for school papers. My son, Logan brings home a ton of papers each and everyday from school. Some of these are math sheets, vocabulary tests, stories and drafts he is working on, artwork and doodles, doodles, and more doodles. What can I say, he is just like his Mom, he loves to put pen, or anything else that leaves a mark, to paper. I don’t have any problem with this, except that by the middle of the school year I am swimming in paper and don’t know what to do with it all. Well, this system that I stumbled upon came from the website A Bowl Full of Lemons. Previously, I created a similar file box of school paperwork, but it didn’t look nearly as pretty. So I am revamping my old file box and creating this one instead.

First let’s get the supplies together. You will need a file box, make sure to get a plastic one with a top to keep everything dust and moisture free. I found a pack of 2 pretty blue boxes for $12 at Costco, but you can find them at an office supply store as well.  Next grab a bunch of hanging file folders, I am using the basic letter size folders. And of course, I will be putting my label maker to good use. You will also need some folders to put inside the hanging folders, just to keep everything together. If you want to color code items you can do that too. All my hanging folders are just a generic green color, but my inside file folders are a rainbow of colors. It is really not that important because everything will be labeled. The goal here is to get started and not worry about having the perfect supplies. You will feel fantastic and ready to start the school year once you accomplish this project. So it’s off to bed now, but tomorrow is another day and I will blog about the rest of the project. Good Night!

Photo Taken by My Son Logan

Photo Taken by My Son Logan


2 thoughts on “Swimming In A Sea of Paperwork

  1. One of the files that I had going all school year, was a sampling of graded school work; a “keep” file. When their graded work was sent home each week, I would look for something that was special. That one item would be placed in the “keep” file, the rest would go in a file of completed work that would be disposed of at the end of the grading period. At the end of the school year I would have a small sampling of the school year’s work in which you could trace his or her’s progress. I would add it to whatever yearbook they brought home from school. I love looking back at their handwriting, ideas, art, and stories as well as the written encouragements and comments from teachers.

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