Turn Magazine Madness To Mindfulness

Magazines, magazines, magazines, I can’t get enough. I love sitting down with a nice cup of coffee or an iced tea to read a magazine. I don’t know why I love them so much. Whenever, I am in a bookstore or a drugstore, I am drawn to the magazine section. There is something about those glossy pages that is just so attractive. My first great job was working for a magazine in NYC. The hustle and bustle of the constant deadline and the written word was such a thrill. I’m glad to be writing again, it’s always been my passion. As you can probably tell from this daily blog, I have a lot to write about, or so I think, ha ha. Whether it’s files or lists or stories, writing is just my thing.

But if left alone, this obsession of mine could easily spiral  out of control. So in order to allow myself to keep buying magazines, I have come up with a pretty decent system. Every few months I will sit down with a cup of joe and weed through a stack of magazines. To do this, I systematically flip through a magazine and tear out any articles, craft ideas, or recipes that appeal to me and toss the remainder of the bulk. Not only is this fun, but it allows me the ability to get rid of unwanted piles. For the most part, I am only pulling 1-3 articles out per magazine and recycling the rest. This is a great way to get rid of the stacks that seem to take over rather quickly. Right off the bat, I put these tear outs in a pretty decorative box to organize at a later date. Some other time I will sit down with this box of fun articles and file them into different categories. I will also staple multiple page articles together. I find that it is easy to just file them in folders labeled with their category. An example of categories would be: Crafts, Recipes, To Read, or  Halloween, Christmas or Organizing, Beauty, Pets. Once I have done all this, it’s so easy to go into the file cabinet or file box to pull out some fun holiday craft for the kids or a clever way to take out a stain.

I no long feel guilty about buying myself one more organizing or family-life magazine, it’s just my fun thing to relax!


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