Desktop Duty

My clutter doesn’t just pile up on my coffee table, kitchen table or any other flat surface, it extends to my computer desktop as well. So, my organizing efforts don’t stop at my physical desk, they follow through to my virtual desktop. I am constantly trying to figure out new ways to streamline my files, downloads, and folders. I like to keep my heavily used folders on the desktop for easy access. Currently, my big three are Cub Scouts, Organizing Blog and Work. Within each of these folders I categorize with sub folders. For example in the Cub Scout Main Folder, I have a multitude of sub folders ranging from Pack Info to Den Info to Campouts and Fundraising. If I find I need to divide these up even more, I do so. In the “Campouts” folder, I also have a folder for Campout “Flyers” and one for handy “Scout Clipart” and jpgs and pictures. I can’t tell you how many times I searched for clipart or an image, used it and then didn’t save it to a folder, then needed it again down the road. This way I do the work once and save it in a convenient folder where it will be found. It also comes in handy, when others are trying to do similar work or you are teaching others how to take over a previously held position. Now, I can sometimes sub categorize too much, and I find myself opening and closing a ton of folders looking for a particular file. When this happens I take a step back and think for a minute of what makes the most sense and then combine a couple of folder contents together to lessen the confusion. Since I have been organizing my Desktop Files, my online life has been more calm and serene. I can easily locate the files I need for work, the printables I researched and saved for my blog, and the flyers for the upcoming Cub Scout Swim Night. So, don’t let your virtual desktop get cluttered up, organize it like any other file system.


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