Label of Love

A few years ago I asked for a label maker for my birthday. Although, my family thought it was a strange gift, I did receive one. And I have been labeling ever since. Not only do I enjoy making labels for things, but my Mom has taken a liking to all this “labelization”. She is constantly borrowing mine. Today I bought one and gave it to her for her birthday. Well, it’s not actually her birthday anymore, but that is the excuse I used. She was so excited, I bet she is labeling things right now as I blog.

In my pantry, I put labels on the containers that hold my baking supplies, I label bins that contain snacks and pasta and sauce, I even label where the plates go in the cabinet. This might sound a little excessive, but there is a method to my madness. When my husband wants to empty the dishwasher, he can see where everything goes because it is labeled. If I ask someone to hand me the sugar, they don’t reach for the salt. I can call home from the supermarket and ask my son to check to see if I need more flour. You see, when things are labeled, everything seems a little bit clearer. And “your kitchen” becomes the family’s kitchen.

When I was creating the Household Binder in “Everything In Its Place”, my son joined in to help. What did he help with? He wanted to label the binder sections. Organizing doesn’t have to be a job, it can be fun for everyone. So by incorporating fun into my organizing “job” I am enticing others to follow suit. In my son’s room, he has labeled a bin for Nerf Guns, a big bucket for Legos, a pull out storage unit for both Cars&Trucks and Trains. These labels live a multifaceted existence in his room, they remind him to read, they help him to spell, and they enable him to know where to put all his toys when he is done playing. And guess what, they also organize everything!!

So, if your birthday is coming up and you don’t know what you would like as a gift. Might I suggest a label maker?


2 thoughts on “Label of Love

  1. Thanks, Eve. Yes, I am labeling at the moment. I have just finished labeling my “fat quarter” bins with the appropriate names (I am a quilter for those reading this reply) so I can go directly to the bin I need rather than opening every one of them. My sewing room is looking neater and neater.

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