A Place For Everything…Part 6

Tonight we are taking care of the Cleaning Section of our Household Binder. I don’t know if you are like me, but cleaning is not my favorite way to spend a day. Unfortunately, the piles of clutter that surround me are in constant need of organizing. Yes, between my husband, my son, and myself, we have a lot of stuff. The pack rat mentality resides in the three of us, plus we have a lot of hobbies. If left unchecked, we can get quite overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that builds in our apartment. So, unless we want to be in a constant state of chaos, we need to have a set of routines that help us keep the clean. For my inspiration on cleaning routines, I go to FlyLady.net. Here I have found a Bedtime and Morning Routine that keeps me on track. I try to adhere to these routines and then I sprinkle in some of the other cleaning tactics that FlyLady uses. For me it helps to have a check list, I am a list maker by nature and I find I enjoy being able to check items off my list. Plus, if I have a list of cleaning duties, it is really easy for me to assign a job or enlist the help of my family.

So, for me each night I try to do a little once over in the whole house. I start by putting any dishes into the dishwasher, then in the living room I make sure the coffee table is clear and that things are picked up off the floor like toys, clothes, or shoes. In the morning when I awake, I always make my bed. This was taught to me a long time ago, and by doing this one little act, I have a positive way to start my day. After I have used the bathroom, I take a wet wipe and run it along the counter then I swish and swipe the toilet, if nothing else gets done, the bathroom is tidy. And if I took care of my Bedtime Routine, when I go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee in the morning, all I have to do is empty the dishwasher. By adding these two routines, my life has gotten a lot more organized, plus I am setting a good example for my family and it is actually rubbing off on them too.

The next step is to create a Basic Weekly Checklist, this is a list of all the chores that need to get done each week within a specific area, such as: kitchen, front entry, bedrooms, living room, etc… I am including a sample list from FlyLady.net. Once you have this checklist of the chores that you need to do each week, then you can assign them to a specific day of the week to create your Basic Weekly Plan. You can add or subtract items from the sample list as you see fit, or just create your own. The point is to have a starting point and for me, having a list makes it easier. The less things I have to remember, the better. So feel free to ask me any questions you might have about this Cleaning Section, I know it can get overwhelming.

By me getting organized and sticking to cleaning plans and schedules, my family has benefited, not only from a calmer, cleaner house, but also by learning new skills and good habits. A few days ago, I blogged about how my son and nephew were upstairs being way to quiet. Well it turns out they were very busy cleaning my son’s room. They have been working in it all day and are super excited by the results. They were even able to have their friends over earlier. My son told his friends that they could play in his room as long as they promised to help clean up what they took out. (Please somebody catch me, I’m about to faint.) My son has learned to pick up after himself and he is encouraging his friends to do the same. Who would have guessed that my organizing would inspire my 8-year-old. Amazing!

Please check out these Cleaning Checklists that I have included from FlyLady.net

I am also including the After photo of my son’s room. For the Before photo check out “A Place For Everything…Part 3”

Before Bed

Morning Routine

Weekly Checklist

Weekly Cleaning

Surprise! What a fantastic job of cleaning. I am so proud.

Surprise! What a fantastic job of cleaning. I am so proud.


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