A Place For Everything…Part 4

I am very proud that you have been following this blog series. Hopefully, you have all started on your binders, if not, no worries, you can jump in at any time. I find the summer is the best time for me to start anew. One reason is because the kids are getting geared up to start a new school year and I want them to start it off on the right foot. The second reason is that I just love the Autumn weather and season. By handling some prep work in the summer, I can enjoy the festivities I love so much in the Fall, like apple picking, hay rides and pumpkin picking. Let’s continue to get our household binder together, so the Autumn season will be smooth sailing.

The last few sections of our binder will be discussed in the next couple of blogs and then we are finished. So hang in there and let’s get to organizing. For the Medical section, I will keep a record of my son’s immunizations as well as any well visit records that I get from the pediatrician. I also will keep any record of previous medications or surgeries for the family. You can ask your healthcare provider for a basic copy of your medical history. Once you have this bit of information for your family members, you can rest easy. However, you can also just keep records from this day on out. It is up to you what you would like to include. I keep an extra copy of my son’s and my nephew’s medical release form in order to start the school year with no problems. This is a great place to also keep all your doctors information, along with Insurance claim forms, Policy plans and ID numbers. Now I will tell you, this Medical section is a first for me as well. I am constantly looking for this insurance form or that doctor’s address or the date my son had this injury or that illness.

Creating this Household Binder is not only my advice to all of you out there, it is a living and breathing entity within my own family life. As time goes by and the test of time wears on this idea, I will add, delete or change whatever sections need revamping, to better organize my life and pass on that knowledge and experience to my readers.

Thank you and stay tuned!


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