A Place For Everything…Part 2

Tonight we are keeping it simple. We are in the process of creating our Household Binder, so I want you to gather the supplies that I talked about in the blog “Everything In Its Place…Finally”. Once you have these, let’s start putting in the dividers.

I start my binder with the Calendar section. For my calendar pages I visit my son’s school website and print the school calendar pages by month but you can also print a generic monthly calendar page. Sometimes, the generic monthly page works better because there is more space on the page to write. I print a full year of monthly calendars, hole punch them and pop them in the binder. Next, I print up a week-at-a-glance schedule. I will include one that I found and enjoy. (Look in the Printables Section of my blog.) Print up a bunch of these, hole punch them and put them between the monthly calendar pages in the Calendar section.

Now for the Schedules section, this is where I keep my son’s Cub Scout schedule and any other schedules he receives from school sports and activities. I also keep a schedule of the local gym classes because I just started visiting them.

The School section is where I keep the lunch menu of both my son and my nephew, so I know, depending on what’s being served,  if I need to pack a lunch or two. I also keep my nephew’s class schedule and my son’s “specials” or “elective classes”, so I don’t have to run around in the morning to find out if he needs sneakers, his library book or his flute.

In my To Do section I keep notes of things that have to get done, but haven’t actually been put on the calendar yet. By writing this master list, I can pick and choose an errand or a project each week and get it done. Haha, I can also pick a project to give to my husband.

Make sure that you put your pencil case in the binder as well with a variety of pens and pencils, maybe even a highlighter. Whoo hoo! This will save a lot of time later when you are looking for your favorite pen to write your schedules down.

I think we did enough with the binder today. Pat yourselves on the back and make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and relax! We are on our way to an organized way of life.



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