A Place For Everything (Part 1 of a Series)

Well here we are on Day 2 of setting up our Household Binder. Hopefully, you have gathered all the supplies you will need for this project. In case you are just joining us today, we are creating a Household Binder which will technically make your life a little bit easier. Doesn’t that sound nice? This system is basically going to help you keep all your important paperwork, along with schedules and day to day activities all in one convenient place. No more hunting for that permission slip or unpaid bill in that pile or this pile. We are trying to streamline our lives just a bit, so that we can focus on the fun things in life.

So, I want you to put your dividers into your binder and label them accordingly or however you feel best represents your lifestyle. For me I am sticking with these 9 sections for now.

Calendar – To keep your day running smoothly and to keep track of appointments.

Schedules – Whether your kids do Cub Scouts or sports, this will keep everyone up to speed.

Cleaning – Sometimes a daily cleaning schedule is easier to handle than a generic cleaning list.

Menu Planning – With this Weekly Menu Planner you don’t have to field questions all day from the family.

To Do – Errands or notes that haven’t made it to your calendar.

School -This is where I keep Welcome Back Letters from teachers, lunch menus, permission slips and daily happenings in the school.

Finances – A list of what needs to get paid on a monthly basis and the family budget (if you have one).

Medical – Keep all your Doctor and Dentist phone numbers here, including insurance ID numbers and member service numbers.

Contacts – I will be making a list that will include school numbers, business numbers and emergency contact numbers. I will also add a small section for Take Out menus and phone numbers.

This might seem like a lot of work, but it really does not take that much time. The hardest part, as with most projects, is just getting started, and for me, not expecting perfection. Just get to it and start reaping the benefits of being organized. Enjoy!!


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