Everything In Its Place…Finally!!

If I could calculate the amount of time I spend looking for pertinent paperwork or documents. Or tallied the amount of energy and wasted trips up and down my apartment stairs, I bet I could give myself a week off from doing anything. Unfortunately, all that time and energy is just wasted. The only things that I accomplished during those times were the ability to be frustrated or late for an appointment. And really, who needs that? So to combat this thing called wasted time and energy or as I like to refer to it as my “Duh” moments, we will be working on a Householder Binder. This system, if it works for you, will keep all those schedules and permission slips, doctor numbers and to do lists in one centralized location. I will be walking you through this organizational project, step by step. So, keep checking back to this blog for each installment of information to create your very own Household Binder.

I think you will find it a joy to know that most of your day to day stuff will find a home in one central location. I keep everything from the kids schedules, to lunch menus, to menu plans, to finances all in one binder. This handy tool allows me to tell hubby to just grab the binder and not to send him on a scavenger hunt for the Little League schedule or Vet’s phone number. We will start out slow, and continue through the week at a lively pace, but no worries, you can take as long as you need. I just find that the longer I take,  the longer it takes me to get on track and stay that way. So, I will start off by telling you what we will need to set up our Household Binder.

Pick up a 3-ring binder. I chose a cute Hello Kitty version because it makes me happy. Next you will need a 3-ring hole puncher, pens, a pencil pouch that can be put in the binder, dividers and access to a printer. In case you don’t have a hole puncher you can also use plastic sleeves, just slide your schedules into the sleeves which then go into the binder. Depending on your style you can either use a label maker to make the divider tabs or just write them in, like we used to do in school. By creating your Household Binder, you will have a hub of information at your fingertips.


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