My Little Artist!

I don’t think I am alone when I say, “Holy Artwork!” My little guy brings home more artwork from school than I can handle and when he is on vacation or has some down time, he likes to draw, paint, and sculpt. Although the artwork piles up, and up and up, I don’t want to squash his artistic ability by limiting the number of pictures he brings home. I want to make sure that I encourage his creativity and inner “Van Gogh-ism”. To better help me weed through the ever growing mound of drawings, every few months I pick out a select few, sometimes with the help of my son. These chosen pieces of art get framed and hung on the wall. To make this process even easier, I purchase the frames by the dozen at IKEA, where I can pick up bright colored ones for $1 each. Not only does this look so cool on my wall, but it makes my son so happy to show people his gallery. The extra bonus is that it makes me feel like Super Mom. There is no better feeling than being able to make my son smile when he comes home with a special picture and I am ready and organized enough to pop it in a frame and hang it in the gallery. And for the rest of the artwork that didn’t make the cut? Stay tuned, I have a great organizational system for that as well.

My Son's Art Gallery Brings Joy to Many People

My Son’s Art Gallery Brings Joy to Many People


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