Paper, Paper Everywhere…What’s A Girl To Do!!

My newest organizing obsessions are accordion files. These are a great way to organize all sorts of paperwork. I have a number of them in different colors, each for a different subject. One of them houses my work files, another stores my son’s school paperwork, and still another I use for Cub Scout forms. The accordion files pictured below I picked up at Target for $1 each. For this price, I can afford to get a bunch and sort through all my paperwork. Each folder comes with 5 tabbed pockets with labels and an elastic closure. This system keeps the piles of paper off my coffee table… kitchen table… (fill in favorite dumping spot here). My paperwork instead gets organized in sections and labeled for clarity. With this system I can then further organize my paper clutter and get rid of what I no longer need that much easier.

Another bonus to these clever little accordion files is that they are so portable. I keep one full of coupons, groupons and any other discount page that I received in the mail or bought online. No more searching frantically for that or the 10% off purchase coupon. I keep these discounts in the folder and leave it in the car. So grab yourself a few accordion files and get to sorting.


Accordion folders can get your paperwork organized.

Accordion folders can get your paperwork organized.


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