Ready For Any Occasion

My mind is not what it used to be. I am convinced that once you have a child, most of your brain cells are used up just figuring out what to do next as a new parent. So, I need all the help I can get. When it comes to remembering important dates, my mind is like a sieve. My Mom and I each  found and purchased a handy Greeting Card Organizer many years ago. It is the only way that I can keep on track with the birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of my friends and family. This sturdy decorative box is complete with file folders inside and a convenient bottom drawer.

In this day and age with texts and emails out shining phone calls and letters, it is still nice to get a card or give a card to someone special. I am going to help you add this personal touch to your friendships and it will add joy to many people in your life. To start off, get yourself either a Card Organizer or you can create one with my help. A great product to use are those accordion files with the divided sections. I suggest one that closes in order to keep dust out. Grab some colored file folders, one for each month and label them accordingly. On the front of each folder, draw 2 columns of lines, this is where you can write your important dates.

Most importantly, make sure you populate your organizer with a variety of cards. Each time you buy a card get an extra one for the organizer, this way you are always prepared. Place the cards into each month’s folder. You can also add a few extra folders for card genres, such as; Thinking of You, Birthday, Sympathy. In the little drawer of my organizer I keep a roll of Forever stamps and a few pens. If you have created your own organizer, just put the stamps and a pen in a soft pencil case and keep it right inside the accordion file.

At the beginning of each month, go to your Card Organizer and add any important dates you need to and also make note of the cards you will be sending out. Once you have this system set up, sending out Greetings for birthdays and anniversaries will be a breeze. And who knows, you just might make someone’s day.

With this Organizer you will be ready for any occasion.

With this Organizer you will be ready for any occasion.

Create your very own Card Organizer.

Use these file folders to hold each month of cards. Label each with important dates.

Use these file folders to hold each month of cards. Label each with important dates.


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