Chaos Can Be Contained

My son, Logan, is a collector. He collects bottlecaps, he collects pieces of pretty fabric, he collects bounce balls, he even collects rocks. Every item he has is important to him. So, you can imagine the amount of treasure he has obtained in his eight years. Let’s just say, a lot!
So while out on errands today, I noticed some cute decorative boxes with magnetic closures. While I would much rather weed out some of my son’s “treasures”, these adorable containers will help out in a pinch. Not only are they cute and functional, but only cost $2 on sale.
I informed my son that he can contain all of his little knicknacks in this box which now resides at his level on the bookcase. So he gets a new treasure box and I get neat looking bookcases in my living room.



5 thoughts on “Chaos Can Be Contained

    • They have all types of styles and colors. I actually picked up a couple for my bedroom to put on my nightstand and dresser. I picked these up at Michaels. This week they were 70% off.

  1. I love this! I too have little collectors. Their collections mostly have to stay outside (sticks, rocks, seaweed…) but the fabrics and art supplies they collect would go great in one of these! Your blog is great!

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