+Checklists to Help Get Your Kids Organized

Today got away from me. So here I am blogging in the wee hours of the morning. I believe my main dilemna, especially during the summer, is that I like to have too much fun. So I pack family adventure into every single minute, not leaving much time for anything else.  When I do get to the organizing, I am a big believer in lists and charts.

I’ve created a few cute little checklists to really help my son and nephew get things done without all the nagging. Please check out my Morning and Bedtime Routines to help your kids get on the organizing bandwagon. With these simple little charts the kids can see what needs to be done without having to be led by the hand

I usually print these checklists out, slip them into plastic sleeves and thumbtack them to my bulletin board or just tape them to the wall. Make sure that you place the lists where your kids will see them. With the plastic sleeve on, they can even check off what they have already accomplished with a dry erase marker. I included cute little pictures so even your little non-readers can follow along.

Good Luck!

Before Bedtime Routine

Morning Routine


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