Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my Blog! Please be patient with me as I am not only starting my first blog, but also using WordPress for the first time. Today I decided to start an organizing blog in order to help motivate myself and quite possibly influence others. Through my trials and triumphs I hope to create a well organized home and family life for myself and my lovely family. One of my favorite things to do is to search through websites for great ideas on organizing and cutting clutter. I would like to incorporate that love with the desire (or should I say need) for an organized life.

My thoughts for Day one of this journey is to start the blog and put my writing skills to work. On my to do list for today, I have already been able to cross off laundry and dishes. I know this is no big deal for many, but sometimes just getting going is the toughest part, especially during the lazy summer months.

Just to let you know, I am taking a break from dinner and will probably order a pizza. I want a free evening and it is about 92 degrees outside and in my kitchen…ugh!

Thanks for reading!


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